Your clinical drug supply chain is more complex than just logistics. With clinCORE’s Supply Management system as your resource, clinical trial supply management can become a strategic asset. Ensure every patient gets study medications at every visit and that no site or depot has a stock-out issue. Balance that demand with the need to minimize overage that leads to costly wastage of drug. At the same time, minimize supply shipments. Our project managers understand the global supply chain inside and out. They provide the guidance you need and can build in sophisticated, automated functionalities that improve efficiency – so your supply chain will ensure the success of your study.

clinCORE helps you set-up and optimize your entire clinical research supply chain, from packaging and release through returns and destruction. Our system provides automated support for even the most complex depot and site resupply algorithms and easily handle vital factors such as expiry date management, on-demand supply needs, temperature excursion management and similar demands.

Automating your supply chain combined with real-time tracking enables accurate forecasting so you can make sure that every patient gets the study medication they need while minimizing waste.