With the most easy-to-use end-user experience, the most productive study design tool, flexible reporting, out-of-the-box integrations and user-friendly mechanisms for importing and exporting data, clinCORE’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Suite offers a compelling solution for EDC.

Beyond typical EDC functions, clinCORE’s EDC can perform many tasks that were typically seen as beyond the scope of an EDC system. Incorporating this into our Electronic data capture system adds a depth of functionality that offers unique business benefits to our customers including: improved efficiency and communication across multiple business units, faster study completion, and a reduction in costly integration projects, which amount to significant cost savings across a clinical organization.


  • Capture high quality data with a minimum of queries in a timely manner
  • Set up Electronic data capture trials faster without compromising quality
  • Meet increased compliance and regulatory demands while reducing risk and costs
  • Reduce complexity, improve quality and reduce time to submission
  • Comprehensive integration with a wide range of bedside patient monitoring, telemetry and clinical devices with enhanced ability to send electrocardiography (ECG) orders to devices
  • Ability to read ECG tracings in real-time, enabling clinic staff to quickly and effectively respond to safety issues
  • Study team electronic notification alerts of research participant’s data or experiences, allowing them to take appropriate clinical action and medical intervention
  • Enhancements in handling treatment blinding and allocation allows researchers to effectively track drugs per research participant for adherence to clinical plan and dosages, ensuring protocol compliance
  • Supports open-label (no blinding), single-blinding (participant blinded), double-blinding (floor staff blinded), and triple-blinding (data extract blinded)