In today’s fast-paced industry, having real time clinical data analytics in one platform means you can turn data into actionable information quickly. Manually extracting data from various silos is time consuming and the various systems can produce inconsistent data. The Insights Cloud delivers instant visibility, trending, metrics, and KPI’s on clinical and operational data across your enterprise. No static data sets, custom VPNs, manual report building or formatting. ERT’s agile and adaptive solution provides end-to-end visibility across your data sources and puts clinical trial intelligence at your fingertips.


  •      Interactive Dashboards & Reports
  •      Trending & Visualization
  •      Operational Metrics
  •      Key Risk and Performance Indicators

Standard Features

clinCORE’s  analytics system can be implemented rapidly, with preconfigured metrics dashboards & reports that provide instant insight through key performance indicators (KPI’s) that can be filtered by study, program, or “all studies” views.  With configurable targets and thresholds, and the ability to include geographic location data for country, region, and site-level drill downs, we, it delivers real-time operational intelligence. This feature-rich and easy to use  application ensures anyone in your organization can access, interact, and find the information they need with the click of a button.


Study Metrics

  • Site Activation & Recruitment
  • Enrollment & Retention
  • Subject Status Distribution
  • Subject Visit Progress
  • Study Discontinuations
  • Protocol Deviation Trends
  • Disposition Summaries

Site Metrics

  • Top Enrolling Investigators
  • Data Entry Lag
  • Data Entry Compliance
  • Enrollment & Retention
  • Screen Failures
  • Protocol Deviation Sites

Quality Metrics

  • Query aging
  • Query Resolution
  • Outstanding Queries
  • Average days Query
  • Resolution Form SDV %
  • Form entry and SDV

Data Metrics

  • Visit status
  • Data backlog
  • Data projection
  • Form status
  • Laboratory Trending
  • Safety Surveillance