Self Portrait Project

The Beginning

Since childhood, I’ve always wanted to be a creator of something. I was the kid that took electronics apart to see how they worked, the kid that took apart multiple action figures to combine my favorite pieces into one ultimate super hero, the kid who spent most of his time outside collecting “rare” leaves and flowers, to mix them in liquids to create the perfect perfume.

During my college years, I was exposed to my first photography class. Someone convinced me it would be a good class to take since I would always express how I needed some good high quality photos, but didn’t have the budget for Micro Stock websites. Nowadays there are plenty of free resources for stock photography.Back then, I remember only 2, and the selection wasn’t that great.

After a few weeks of various shooting projects, I started to fall in love with photography. I started joining many popular photo sharing social websites. I discovered a group on Flickr where users would post extremely creative self portraits of themselves. I decided to start my own project. I wanted each photo to tell a story.

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