Pet Adoption App Concept


With millions of animals currently in shelters and foster homes awaiting adoption, Maya gives future pet adopters a way to adopt pets in a unique way. Similar to popular dating apps, Maya gives adopters the tools for users to adopt pets based on their personality. Whether the future owner is first time pet owner, on a budget, living in a small apartment, or the head of a large household. Maya will help find the perfect pet for them by analyzing characteristics of their personality.

The Client

Maya is a fictional website for a fictional client.

The Challenge

Design an experience that will help connect people looking for a new pet with the right companion for them. Help an adopter find a pet which matches their lifestyle, considering factors including breed, gender, age, temperament, and health status. Provide a high-level flow and supporting wire frames.

Art Direction

I started playing with many forms of design communication. Wanted to come up with something bright and easy to read.



Open Sans typography was chosen to develop strong and reliable communication.



Blue hex values after finding out dogs can see blue certain shades of blue.



SVG icons for easy customization and extendabiity.

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