Smart Calendar Concept


HeadsUp is a mobile app created to help expand on a users calendar. Heads Up is able to analyze calendar events as well as itineraries to help keep users on track about upcoming events. When events and itineraries are analyzed, Heads Up then takes key information like addresses and phone numbers, and smartly provides a summary of actions needed to be taken leading up to the event.

The Client

HeadsUp is a fictional website for a fictional client.


I spent a few hours drafting a concept on how I believe the app could work. I started out by creating a few wireframes of my own, while still looking at the provided wireframes.

The idea was to primarily provide users with a list view of their events, but have a calendar view as a secondary option. When an event is clicked, information for the event is clicked as well as travel plans.

Wireframe Updates

Made a few updates when I got into design from the previous wireframes.


Next I wanted to create a second event showing how flight itineraries could be used. Also when swiped, different types of ground transportration can be selected.

Push Notifications

Next, I wanted to show how push notifications would work. The idea would be that the user would get a notification confirming an event import as well as smart notification before an event alerting the user if any action is needed before the event.


Finally, I wanted to show a way for alerts to be displayed. Whenever an event is imported into HeadsUp, an alert will be available.

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