Yoga Studio Design Concept


After living in Los Angeles for a few months, it wasn’t long before I was introduced to the Yoga culture. One of my hosts for a Airbnb I was renting in East Hollywood was a yoga instructor. We had some good chats about health and spirituality and I learned about the history of yoga.

I was inspired to design a yoga studio concept. The design was a weekend project and was completely for fun. I wanted something clean that provided a good use of white space. I wanted to bring the triangle shape the girl in the hero makes throughout the design.

The Client

Elysian is a fictional website for a fictional client.

The Challenge

Create a yoga studio experience with a clean and simplistic design. The deign should look professional and untilize Google font pairing.

Art Direction

I started putting images together to draw some sort of inspiration. I was looking for images that gave a since of balance, unity, and enlightenment.



Playfair Display and Lato typography was chosen to develop strong and reliable communication.



Started out going with a color scheme that was a set of complimentary colors, but halfway through the design, I went with more of a monochromatic look.



Went with multiple lotus icons to use thoughout the design instead of the traditional icon libraries.

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