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Carlyle Financial

I was brought on to the Carlyle Financial project as a WordPress developer to help improve the design as of the existing site. I worked with a team of developers and helped advise on design direction.

The Client

Carlyle Financial is a California-based mortgage bank with a commitment to clear and simple home loan solutions.

The Challenge

Carlyle Financial needed page redesigns, and I was taking over an existing designers position. A few pages had already been redesigned so I was able to use them as a referene. Moving forward.

Art Direction

There was no existing style guide or art direction. I was given almost full creative control, but wanted to keep things within the brand.



The already existing typography was a combination of Arvo and Open Sans.



There was an already an existing color combination for the website.

Email Design

My first task was to work on a email campaign design and code it. I went with a web safe Arial font for my design. I designed this with intentions on making it responsive. Content was provided to me to create the mock up. I wanted to make the email design clean and modern. I used the Carlyle Finacial website as a reference.

Header Footer Redesign Before

Next I was tasked with helping update the look and feel of the website header and footer. This is the current design.

Header Footer Redesign After

For the header I wanted to keep the content the same, but just make it a little shorter. I thought it would be best to shorten the business hours and put them above along with the social media. Finally I decided to put the navigation inline with the logo and center it and put the call out buttons right aligned.

Stay in the Loop Before

Next, I worked on a updated design for the Stay in the Loop call to action on the blog page. I wanted to give it a slight facelift.

Stay in the Loop After

I created 4 different mockups for the Stay in the Loop call to action. The biggest thing I wanted to do was to add an icon indicating what the call to action is for. Next I wanted to make a dedicated subscribe button below the email input.

Our Services

I redesigned the Our Services page from scratch. I used other existing page designs that were already updated before I joined as inspiration.

Loan Officer

I designed the new Loan Officer page with information provided to me. The idea was to give each loan officer a personal profile page, and allowing users to easily get in contact.

Blog Home Page

Updated the Home Page with with a new Recent blog posts section.

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